Today, Grovinvest is a subcontractor of semi-finished metal and upholstery components. Thanks to our high degree of customer satisfaction, our company is evolving from a subcontractor for semi-finished products to a producer of finished components and final products.
The company management put a lot of effort in ensuring all necessary means to provide a durable product to potential clients. Of course, this product has to combine an attractive price with low maintenance costs.

The annual investments in software, machinery and training will lead to continuous product improvement and will result in achieving our desired goal: high-quality products that meet all environmental requirements.

Flexibility is a very important aspect when the investment plan is being made, because we want to fulfil the needs of the client quickly without any supplementary costs.

These investments should influence the execution process, capacity problems and the narrow points of the production flow favourably.

Our products comply with all European norms and regulations. This guarantees the management that the development direction is the right one. Therefore, an important next step is the implementation of quality and environmental management systems in the company, in accordance with the requirements of both the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 and the SR EN ISO 14001:2005 standards. By documenting, implementing and maintaining the integrated management system, the Administrator and the executive management of the company are committed to:

  • satisfy the demands of clients and interested parties;
  • promote relationships with the suppliers to ensure maximum satisfaction for the parties involved;
  • comply with current legislation and environmental, health and security legislation applicable to production activity;

The management of S.C. GROVINVEST S.R.L. is committed to improve the Integrated Management System, the environmental performances, and working conditions continuously. It also wants to ensure a frame for establishing and analyzing the quality and environmental objectives. Furthermore, its policy is that all this has to be in accordance with the nature, dimensions and impact of its activities on the environment.

Preventing pollution and accidents at work is an ongoing concern of all employees.

The authority and responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining the Integrated Management System is delegated to the IMS representative of the management.

This quality policy is shown in the organisation as follows:

  • It is viewed in different strategic places in the organisation.
  • It is available to all the employees and the public.


General Manager
Kris Goeminne